Latest updates - June 2020
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We have been working very hard on updates these past few weeks. To keep up to date on these updates and more, please join our Discord server found here. To get started playing, click the red play now button or click right here.
Here is a complete list of all the updates that we've done in the past few weeks:
- Added drop interface for npcs:
-Added many new item enchantments:
-Added money pouch feature:
- Fixed scythe of Vitur not hitting 3 times on npcs bigger as size 3
- Fixed xlogging
- Login and logout service has received an update
- Fixed using spaces in commands
- You Can no longer sell to shops only to general store
- Fixed hitsplats dealing damage when the block hitsplat appeared
- Fixed Crazy archeologist task not ending / completing
- Fixed a huge password bug, where you could login with any password
- Removed objects from the client in the memberzone
- Spawned skilling objects in the memberzone
- Added monsters and bosses in memberzone for specific ranks
- Fixed loading regions
- Fixed poison still hitting after the duel finished (duel arena)
- Finished the member zone
- Added a kdr reset command ::resetkdr or ::kdrreset
- Extreme members can now use heal and spec commands
- Updated the website FAQ with alll member features
- Vorkath no longer respawns, you have to use a new Vorkath teleport scroll
- Added barrelchest anchor to store
- Added shortcuts to catacombs
- Fixed Lizardman shamans jump attack
- Fixed corp beast protection prayer damage reduction
- Fixed prayer draining
- Fixed chaos elemental teleporting players into clipped tiles
- We started working on pathing on May 23rd
- May 28th replaced the whole pathing system
- June 2nd pathing is completely fixed
- Added osrs scenegraph to the client and Map regions
- Added OSRS texturing, this fixes the lava dragon mask combined with infernal cape
- Fixed particles
- Added lootbeams (if you have particles enabled)
- Reworked the item enchantments
- You can now see which item is untradeable or tradeable
- You no longer have to charge your blowpipe, toxic staff, serp helm, tridents, scythe and sanguinesti staff
- Fixed projectiles client sided
- Added client identification, this means all your accounts have the same client id.
- Fixed pet following
- Fixed equiping shields when wearing 2H weapons
We have launched!
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Welcome to OS-Arctus
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Server Status
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